Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here's the freak from the house behind the publix in old seminole heights.

Darlington, SC

AlTHOOO I just went to OSH Publix this past week and I would say he is out there leering, posed similar to that and you can make out his emt patch and blue shirt,, AT ME and TOWARDS ME 98 percent of the time I go to publix.

Imagine THAT FREAK, a stalker among stalkers being the last face you see before you die. HIDEOUS.

He wasn't there this time Neither was the big truck which is sometimes there with him in the back. Not sure if that means he drives that or it's also the one around front. Tried to ignore him then he got worse. I was afraid if I didn't give him some recognition he'd be naked next.

Carrollton, GA

I understand you're unhappy I am posting the evidence of your crimes. There's plenty more. There's the one from just a week before this and a couple weeks before that etc.....there's about 15 instances of you stalking me. FREAK.

Carrollton, GA

uh oh who had the photo removed? See you try to hide the evidence. Not correct.

Carrollton, GA

There is the photo with him in it, behaving just as I said. There are numerous photos, video and even witnesses.

He does what he wants without fear of prosecution.

Carrollton, GA

All of a sudden y'all trying to turn this into the photo capital of america. That's cool. I have other ideas, too.

You are criminals. Your picture wsa taken while you participated in criminal activity. The police will do nothing about you because they are in on it with you.

But the public won't like it when they can't deny what you are which is stalkers.

Shaw A F B, SC

Third upload of this photo. You see how the LE in Tampa helps them to hide their crimes. There exists a mountain of evidence of them behaving in this and worse ways. I think I figured out what happened to the helicopter stalker. This station has a govt. guy at it now who drove by my sister yesterday pretty much staring. Big moustache. Odd for his position.
Stop removing the photo. There is no legal reason to do so. I will post the series of photos I have of him over the last six months coming up to that gate and leering at me.
If your reasoning is that he is doing nothing wrong in THIS photo then you won't have that excuse for when I post the series of them.

You're being dishonest.

Shaw A F B, SC

Has Tampa assigned a cop here to do NOTHING but remove these photos as I post them?

It will keep him busy. It's OK, I have other plans for the photos. Just a highlight. The videos are better.

They just couldn't reconcile that their bad acts were being recorded for display and prosecution.

TRA LA!!!!!!!!!!

Macon, GA

This little freakin putz boy and all the rest of them think they have protection. REALLY.

So, like they've done in the past when I make calls even when it's to the same exact number as an hour and a half ago (in this case Publix credit union) I get picked up by the jail clerks who are not really happy about that and it's confusing for them. THIS TIME I got some screeching EMS broad. THAT woke me up. I was like WUT?? They got some crackhead answering the EMS calls now. Well I knew right away it wasn't the CU as the phone was answered right away and the CU policy is at LEAST eight minutes .. but it still took me a minute to catch on that this was EMS as in EMS. WTF?

Grow up. You did it. You knew it bothered me. You did it again. Again. Again. Again. Again. I parked farther away from you and you waited for me to come by and leered then came out front and leered. THEN you did it again. Took video each time. Last time I finally yelled at you that you were some kind of pervert but the time BEFORE that I took this nice photo. And you're still up to it.

You all feel all the powerful you want and you feel all the protected you want. If I take your picture being a friggin perverted stalker and post it that IS what it is. I have the other fourteen to add if you F with me.

EMS up your ass, pardner.


There's your protection.

Ask your protection where this got started. This got started because someone was jealous.

Now you go f yourself. You should have stopped. But you kept on and on and on. Because you are a PIG.


What kind of sick pervert does that?

Macon, GA

I guess mr. government is gone today. Mr. stalker has taken back over at the local station. Can't go outside without the screaming sirens. Gotten to where it does not bother me.

The lesson you should take away from this: Next time you want something from me:

Approach politely.

Like a man.

You f'ing bunch of THUGS

Macon, GA

Took it down again, huh???

Well, pardners.

It's staying up there.

Alpharetta, GA

NOTE: All photos need to be approved by the moderator. This process may take some time. Thank you for your patience!

Okay, all the sudden TODAY we got us a moderator AND a four times removed pic.(BUT) that could take some time.


Look for this pervert here. I'm going to post the entire series. I guess he's been whining on the phone all day.

Let's see if he's back following me around publix again the little creep.

Cause I've never even SEEN a moderator at a topix board.


Alpharetta, GA

1 min ago


I'd divide em up by stores but it's mostly publix and every grocery store I visit. They own everything.

To hear them tell it.

This is where I will place my photos. I, as moderator, approve them all.

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